About Ailong

Ailong is founded in early 90’s as a local workshop in Hangzhou for producing construction stamping parts. Through years of partnership with Tatsumi Corporation, a world class leading construction corporation, we have gradually built up a solid foundation of R & D and manufacturing capabilities of metal reinforcement fittings for timber construction specially designed to provide strength and stability against Earthquakes. Ailong’s involvement begins with the earliest phase in the creation of new generations of products and continuous dialogue with customers throughout design and development stage.

Over the years, the ever growing customer based and shared know-how has taken us one step forward, our customers are no longer limited to our core expertise. We are also supplying components for various installation and fixation applications such as tarpaulin structure, security fencing, animal husbandry production and ventilation control and power supply network installations, etc. Our workshop covers 53,000 square meters, equipped with advanced precise production and testing equipments. With the backup of our solid manufacturing capabilities and years of experience in parts design and production, our R & D teams and engineers will help your business grow by concentrating your resources to increased productivity at decreased costs.